For many people, the decision to meet people online makes a lot of sense because it takes stress and anxiety out of the equation. Are you one of these people? Are you afraid of approaching strangers? If so, online communication may be the right option for you.

Meeting people online and doing online dating bring convenience and comfort to the table. There are facts about these activities, however, that you’re probably unaware of.

Online dating used to be something rather mysterious, even a little bit taboo several years ago. Today, everybody’s doing it. The number of online dating portals and apps is growing all the time, giving people more and more channels to choose among.


Are you curious about the most interesting aspects of online dating? The following article will acquaint you with five cool facts. These focus on the popularity of online dating, the types of people who are doing it and the chances of actually going on a date after meeting someone online. Don’t forget to check it out!

5 facts about online dating