Giving the best care for your elderly family members should be one of your top priorities. There are a lot of services that you can get for your loved ones. Registered and licensed nurses give their helping hands through various ways. Assisted Living and Nursing Home cares are excellent facilities that will be able to provide elderlies with the care that they need. Here are their differences and advantages to help you weigh your options.

Advantages Of Assisted Living

Assisted Living Facilities (ALF) are for older people that don’t need too much assistance in their everyday lives. An ALF has features and amenities that will help your loved ones enjoy. The rooms of this facility are usually smaller or only one-bedroom apartments. They encourage the residents to participate in activities and socialize with other people as well.

The security of assisted living centers is strict. Everything is monitored carefully so that the elders will be safe from burglars or other harmful people. It is also safer than being alone in a house since you’ll be surrounded by a lot of individuals most of the time. ALFs also provide reliable transportation. The ALF facilitates group transits so that the residents can go shopping, go to events or go to clinic appointments without having to drive themselves.


Socialization is also an important part of a senior’s life. If they can’t socialize with others, depression will take over as well as anxiety. Although family visits will help, a good circle of friends or peers will help them be socially active. An assisted living facility can give them this interaction with other residents.

Advantages Of Nursing Home Care

Unlike ALFs, a Nursing home care is for seniors that need assistance with their daily tasks like eating, bathing, drinking, dressing, or drinking their medicines. Since these tasks can be more difficult as a person ages, nurses in home cares are willing to help them with their activities every day. Nursing home staffs support their residents properly, specifically their health needs.

Nursing home facilities give personalized health services to each elderly in the facility. Skilled nurses are hired to make sure that they will be able to take care of a senior properly. It can be an advantage especially if none of your family members know how to give the right care for an elderly family member.

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What Are Their Differences?

Care And Service

Since older people in a nursing home need more assistance compared to citizens in ALFs, a skilled nurse or physician is required to look after the senior’s health 24/7. While in assisted living facilities, the community is more focused on custodial care for residents that cannot live alone or has mobility problems only. It might not be safe to live alone for your older loved ones. It is why either of the two options can give you the assurance that they are safer than being home alone.

The Appearance

The interiors of a nursing home have a more institutional look than the looks of ALFs. It is because the services given here are more complicated than the latter. Meanwhile, interiors of an assisted living facility are more of an upscale apartment community because the services provided for residents in this facility are more on companionship and just helping with little tasks of the occupants.

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The Cost

The prices for a nursing home are also higher than those of assisted living facilities. For ALFs, the price range is $2,400 to $4,950 monthly, while nursing homes can cost you $4,410 to $11 710 per month.

The Medical Staff

The staff hired in an assisted living facility are on call like their registered nurses and licensed practical nurses, since the center is only meant for residents that need a little or no medical care. Unlike ALFs, nursing homes have resident licensed and registered nurses that can assist the seniors at least 8 hours a day.

Everyone wants their elderly loved ones to have the best facilities which can accommodate their needs. Choosing the best type of caring service should not be rushed and be studied carefully to avoid making the wrong decision. Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes that comply with the proper standards assure you that your loved ones are provided with the best care.