In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is always busy. Additionally, people are always competing with other people, which results in one person winning and the others losing.

When a person reaches a goal or wins, they may feel happiness and optimistic.

On the other hand, those who lose often feel pessimistic or doomed. Everyone knows that when the sun rises Western hemisphere, it is dark in the Eastern hemisphere.

This same principle also occurs in life. Life is filled with both pleasures and sorrows..

During your lifetime, there will be times when you feel hopeless and other times when you feel ecstatic. When a baby is born, the baby begins to cry. When this occurs, the lungs start functioning.

Another thing that is a natural part of life is tears. Tears can happen when a person is proud, happy or sad. They are a natural occurrence that helps to maintain balance in one’s life.

Furthermore, in order to experience joy, humans must realize what suffering and pain feel like. Without all of these emotions, it is easy to become lost. This is why life has both joy and sorry. They help to balance out life so you can enjoy those special moments in life.

To understand the true meaning of joy, a person must have also experienced pain. Just like there are different seasons throughout the year, there are different seasons in one’s life. When someone experiences pain, the act of crying can help relieve stress and ease the pain.

After a time of crying, a sense of calm overwhelms the person so they can better handle the pain.

Some people think that life is only filled with suffering. These people often forget the joy that they have experienced in the past. They are shortsighted and do not realize that sooner or later they will begin to enjoy life once again.

In life, you will experience a range of emotions including happiness and sorrow. Furthermore, if you do not experience each of these emotions your life would be boring and dull.

Who wants to live an emotionless life? No one! Can you imagine not enjoying anything in life?

If you never experience sadness or pain, you will never know how to enjoy the good emotions, such as love, happiness and laughter.

Think of some of your favorite movies or books. Most of them will include good things as well as bad things. This is because life is filled with these contrasting emotions. Laughter and tears both help to spice up your life.

If you only experienced one type of emotions, life would become monotonous and dull. If you read the scriptures, you will find commands to feel all emotions both suffering and joy without hesitation.

Additionally, the scriptures say to not be too joyous when success occurs or too fearful when misery occurs. Some of the greatest men to have walked the earth have experienced both pleasure and pain.

Once you realize that life is filled with both sorrow and joy, you will be able to experience joy like never before.