A first date can be daunting because you do not want to sit in an awkward silence or give the wrong impression.  If you are nervous about your date then you should consider some tips on how to keep the conversation flowing and easy.  These tips will help you leave a good impression and hopefully end up with a second date.

Be Interested

Taking an interest in your date’s life is very important for any first date.  You should not only ask them about what they do or what they are interested, but show that you are interested in what they are saying.  Getting involved in the conversation is also good because the conversation could turn into an interrogation if you just ask questions for them to answer.

Talk About Yourself

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that you need to let your date do all the talking so you can get to know them.  You need to talk about yourself as well because they want to get to know you.  Of course, you should not spend the entire date talking about yourself or steering the conversation to only the things that you like.  A first date is about getting to know each other to see if there is potential for a second date.

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Be Sure To Laugh

Laughing can break the ice on a tense first date and will make your date remember the evening in a better light.  If you are too serious throughout the date it could make the evening awkward.  Of course, this does not mean that you should laugh hysterically at any joke your date makes, but a simple chuckle when a joke is not that funny can really help loosen both parties up.

Tell Them You Are Having A Good Time

A lot of people do not realize how on edge their date might be and simply saying that you are having a good time will put them at ease.  Of course, you should be careful not to say that you are having a good time if you are not because this could place you in a complicated situation.  Being honest about how you are enjoying the date will go a long way.


Be Casual About A Second Date

If you feel that the date has gone really well and want to suggest a second date then you should try being casual about this.  Ask your date if they have ever been to a restaurant that you have heard about.  This is a great way of finding out if your date also wants to see you again without having to put yourself on the line in the conversation.