Few pleasures in life are as fun or adventurous as owning a motorcycle. Whether you do it just to feel the wind in your hair, enjoy a stylish ride that commends looks of respect, or make an environmental statement getting around on something with great gas mileage, few things are as ingrained into American culture as riding a motorcycle. Having said all that, you do need to stay insured. If the time is coming up for you to shop around for motorcycle insurance, be sure to ask the following 6 questions to get the right policy:

1) I only ride recreationally; is that a potential discount? Not everyone that rides a motorcycle uses it as their primary means of transportation. If the annual average miles you put on your bike are more of a leisure activity, let your insurer know. The less miles you ride, the less likely you are to file a claim, and they might reduce your rates or quote.

2) Will claims be paid if I’m not wearing a helmet in a state that doesn’t require them? This might seem like a peculiar question, and it might not even matter if you currently live in a state that does not require riders to wear helmets. However, if you don’t and cross state lines into a region where helmets are not legally mandated, you might wonder if your insurance provider still requires them. Find out in advance so that you don’t risk a claim getting denied.


3) Do you offer roadside assistance? Many car insurance companies offer roadside assistance packages as part of their plans because of how competitive the industry has gotten. Since many of those same companies offer motorcycle insurance, see if they do the same for anyone enjoying their bike. An extra tank of gas or help with a tire comes in very handy when it’s at no charge.

4) What can I do for discounts? You can get discounts for anything ranging from security features on your motorcycle to belonging to particular riding associations and clubs to taking safety classes.

5) Do you cover passengers? Having someone you love ride with you is one of the few things that makes riding a motorcycle even more awesome, as you get a chance to spend time with a loved one on the open road, enjoying great scenery and weather. Make sure your motorcycle policy covers a rider in addition to yourself and your bike. For that matter, make sure they are covered if they take the handlebars for a while and you ride behind them.


6) Can I bundle with another policy? Bundling insurance policies is a very common tactic to get a collective discount on all the combined policies. Adding a motorcycle to your existing car insurance might not cost you as much as you think.

Your motorcycle should be one of the high points of your life. Protect yourself and it with the right motorcycle insurance, and find the right policy for yourself and situation by asking these 6 questions when you call around for quotes.