People who don’t know much about life insurance and want to stick to the simple details should probably stick with term life. If you don’t know what that is, you will soon. However, with a few basic tips and a consultation with a helpful agent, you can get yourself ready to take on a whole life policy as an investment, too.

The choice is certainly yours, but this life insurance for dummies resource is going to guide you to simple guidelines and a decision made in confidence.

Truthfully, most people do find that a term life policy suffices. It isn’t just about not getting past the basics. Once people learn the particulars of whole life policies and the various insurance products that surround them, they realize that those types of policies are too much for the average family. They cost more, and they have all kinds of complicated specifics. Wouldn’t you rather have things cut and dry?


You only have so much time to devote to life insurance and figuring out your needs. You need the basics, you need a quote and you need a policy that protects your family in case something happens to you.

One thing about term life is it is easier to qualify. That’s right it’s not just about picking a policy but qualifying for one. Do you have a preexisting condition?

There are term life companies that issue policies without people having to submit themselves to medical exams or give many details about medical records. Yes there are insurance companies that will write you a policy after you simply just provide all of your information and answer some questions.

The only thing about taking a few tips and handling your life insurance this way is do you know enough to ensure you’ve chosen a policy that is actually going to provide benefits when needed.


You do need to know the specifics of any policy you pay for. You can also pick the amount of coverage, which means you need to look at what kind of money you need to be leaving your family to take care of final expenses for you.

Term life policies allow you to lock in a rate for a specific term. If you are reading this, you want to keep it simple so just select a good term life policy, opting not to turn life insurance into an investment.