Are you aware of the fact that no matter how much effort your exert, you are not achieving your goals?  Would you like to successfully achieve a trim and healthy body, a great career and loving relationship?

If so, then just close your eyes and picture yourself inside an air balloon that is about to take off so that you can have what you truly desire out of life.

Look at the ground to see if any ropes are currently holding you down, that would prevent you from being able to fly.  To move forward with your life, you must cut the ropes – in order to overcome not fear of failure but instead fear of success.

You might be as stumped as I was when I first discovered my fear of success.  It may appear to not be logical to push away the exact things that you truly want.  All of us are unique, however, we tend to have common problems.

See if you can identify your fears, those things that are blocking your success, so that you will be able to defeat them and be able to feel that exhilaration that comes from flying free inside of your air balloon.

The following are seven fears you don’t want to have if you would like to be successful:

  1. Fear of the unknown: “I have no idea what it would be like having a successful career or being in a loving relationship.”
  2. Fear that success doesn’t fit in with your self image. “What is an average Italian girl doing in a hip California social club?”
  3. Fear that if you are successful that other people won’t like you. “No man will want me if I have a successful career.”
  4. Fear you don’t deserve success. “I stole money once from my parents and feel guilty.”
  5. Fear that there will be scary consequences that come with success. “I won’t be able to spend enough time with my family if I get that advancement.”
  6. Fear that if you turn out to be more successful than your parents that they won’t love you. “I don’t want to make my Dad feel bad.”
  7. Fear that being successful will fulfill the wishes of your parents. “I am mad at my parents for not giving me enough attention when I was young.  I will show them – I won’t be successful.”

If you are prepared to be everything you are and have everything you desire, then just close your eyes and picture yourself inside that beautiful air balloon of yours.  Feel all of the weight of your fears of success easily dropping off so that you can soar.

Then take a look below and see the beautiful blue sky full of puffy white clouds, the majestic mountains off in the distance, and the gorgeous green meadow on the ground.

Notice how free you are to fly!