Law #1: Awakening of your magnetic endowment. This endowment is one of our innate properties. Nonetheless, a certain amount of effort and dedication is needed, in order to discover it.

Law #2: Challenging environment. The more challenging our environment, the more our magnetism is going to develop.

Law #3: Persistent magnetic intention. Your own intention has the power to grow your magnetism.

Law #4: Central adjustment of the self. Only by free adjustment you can obtain your total psychic freedom. This is the culture of magnetism.

Law #5: Focus. Magnetic multiplication is only available to those who have the power to concentrate on the laws of Success-Magnetism.

Law #6: Life purpose and ideals. You can enhance your magnetism only by focusing on your ideal life purpose, doing everything that’s in your power to achieve your ultimate life goals.

Law #7: Openness. You have to be completely open and receptive to messages sent by Universal Forces.

Law #8: Silent demand. This silent demand of your inner self to connect to the Universal Magnetism is going to shift all forces toward helping you succeed.

Law #9: Intense, ongoing affirmation. You have to continuously affirm your actual magnetic powers. This is the best way to maintain a high level of receptivity, to intensify demand and to stimulate success-elements, the result being a shift of the entire Universe through its etheric vibrations in the direction of your intention.

Law #10: Develop your psychic energy. By training your psychic energy, you allow magnetism to grow inside you like magic.

Law #11: Auto-control. You have to be able to control your magnetism and its tendencies effectively.

Law #12: Quality of your magnetism. The power of your magnetic intention reflects upon the endowment into environment, thus enabling you to boost your level of magnetism even more.

Law #13: Self-esteem and valuation. You have to be aware that you are valuable, without becoming ostentatious. This is how the gratification of personal magnetism works, and this is why you should be aware of your own value as magnetic human being.

Law #14: Best use of self. You have to always use your self the best way you can, as this is how the highest magnetism is revealed.

Law #15: Magnetic heroism. If you want to enhance your personal magnetism, you need to ditch all complaint, self-pity and other similar states and feelings. You have to accept your conditions in heroic manner. This is how noble magnetism develops and magnetic intention becomes stronger.

Law #16: Action-reaction. All action triggers reaction, this is what physics teaches us. By using your magnetism in a smart manner, you stimulate its development in the right direction.

Law #17: Recovery of ground. Whatever you do, you have to always remember you need to go through a recovery stage, in order to allow your magnetic powers to regenerate.

Law #18: Reproduction of life. Universal Forces are transmitted through etheric vibrations. Nothing is ever lost, everything is transformed. This is the cycle of life, and this is what you should strive to reproduce in magnetism.

Law #19: Full conscious magnetic culture. You may be able to show some powerful functions of unconscious magnetism. However, you need to be aware that only culture and knowledge can enable you to reach the highest levels of magnetism.