Currency investment strategies could differ according to many factors. Some of them include the market knowledge, personal preference, and risk tolerance of the investor. There are certain terms that describe the market position in the Forex or currency market. Your investment strategy becomes more successful when you have a thorough knowledge and understanding of these terms. Here are some important terms that you need to understand in order to take your currency investment strategy to the next level.

“Going Long” is an important marketing term that you need to understand to implement the best currency strategy when investing in the Forex market. It describes the situation where an investor buys a security and waits for some time for the price to go higher before deciding to sell it.

It is the same as “Buy Low, Sell High” strategy used in other financial markets. When you Go Long, you actually wait for the price of the currency to rise before selling it. This way you make a better profit over time.


“Getting Short” is another important marketing position that you need to understand before investing in the currency market. This is a situation where you sell a security that you had never owned in the first place. In fact, you borrow a stock and sell it under such circumstances.

The idea here is to look for a currency pair price in order to move lower so that you get a chance to buy it back at a profit. When you sell at numerous price levels, the process is known as getting shorter or adding to shorts. Although this is terms not very popular with a majority of currency traders on the market, there are some traders who frequently use this method.

“Selling High, Buying Low” is another term that you need to understand in order to benefit from currency trading. This method is common as buying low and selling high since the investment strategy is based on the relative values of the pair of currency. Hence, it doesn’t matter which strategy you use as long as you understand your goals.

On the other hand, currency pair prices can go up as well as down at any time. This is why you need to be up-to-date with all these terms before you decide to invest in the currency market.


“Squaring Up” is another term that is popular in the currency market. This means having no position. The position is also referred to as “Going Flat.” This means the investor has no financial risk and market exposure.

These are some of the most important terms that you should master before getting into the currency market.

In conclusion, currency investment strategies can differ according to numerous factors such as the investor’s personal preference, position in the market, and understanding the important marketing terms. No matter what your current strategy is, you need to understand the important terms in the industry. This read offers information on the best currency investment strategies out there.