Defining Happiness

Knowing what makes the other person happy can be quite a challenge.  Some people would be more satisfied if they got a pay rise, while others say having a meaningful and marvelous life is what would make them happy. Although various factors determine whether you will be happy or not, what matters most is, well… being happy.

Aside from more personalized matters, researchers believe that some factors are universal for all most people. Some of these factors are discussed below.

  1. Friends and Family

The company of loving friends and family members is the most valuable thing for many people. This feeling is often considered priceless as nothing can buy a trustworthy and caring friend and family. Although you may not like how your father or mother used to smother you, you wouldn’t afford to miss a family reunion, picnic, cookout, or any other family event.

Many of us will do anything just to be in the company of people we love and cherish. Although the feeling may be mutual, being in the company of your family and friends makes one feel much safer and happier than when alone.

  1. Assisting Others

Giving back to the community by helping those in need (whether in a big or small way) is known to elevate a person’s spirit. Unselfish acts and generosity, especially when you do not expect anything back gives you a warm heart and feeling.

This, however, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend any money, taking some time to share with others is enough gesture that you indeed care. Although you may now know it, lending a helping hand to someone who needs it can make a difference in his/her life.

  1. Doing what you love

While an elevated salary may be a welcome idea, most people are much happier when they do what they love most.  Some of the best paying jobs in the world today are stressing, meaning these individuals lead a miserable life.  It’s by finding meaning in your work that you can be happier even while at work.

Discovering your importance in a particular position is the only way you can lead a purposeful life while accomplishing what is required of you.

  1. Free will

The only way you can be truly happy is if you have freedom to do what you love. Having the free will to decide what and what not to do (without breaking the law of course), and the freedom to go anywhere you want is a priceless gift for many people. Leading a suppressed life only creates discontent and disrupted emotions.

  1. Success

Who doesn’t want to succeed in life? There’s more joy in looking back in your life and seeing how much you have accomplished professionally and in your private life. Success isn’t measured by how much other people have accomplished, but by how much you have achieved individually. As long as you have been successful in what you do, you then have a higher chance to be happy than someone who has never accomplished anything in life.