Marriage is filled with several stages that almost all couples will experience at some point in their lives.  The pre-marital stage that is not technically a marital phase, but there are those who will argue that from the time any person proposes the ball-and-chain are attached.  Next, there’s the honeymoon stage which takes place during the honeymoon and will last for approximately one year after marriage.  Finally, the ball-and-chain phase.

The final stage can be approached from various ways and different couples will use different techniques.  This is when the idea of true eternity being spent with a single person really hits home and all their vices start to scream: “I’m here, notice me!”  It’s during this stage that you will begin to notice how she snores or he leaves the dirty dishes in the dishwasher – seriously, how much effort does it take to press ‘start’?  This article will point out some very common marriage problems that people in this phase face and their simple solutions.


  1. Marriage Is Dull

Your twenties are filled with excitement as you enjoy exotic adventures with your friends; however, as soon as you ‘get hitched’, you no longer have those friends and are not invited to the parties any longer.  Truth, you may not be interested in shark-diving or paddle-boarding, but it would be nice to be asked!  Instead, you find yourself enjoying every weekend staring at the television binge watching the same crime shows over and over and over.

This was fun when you began dating and you were attempting to win his or her heart, but now it’s dull. What happened to date night?  What happened to surprising your girlfriend with a weekend away?  What happened to getting dressed up instead of spending a week in your pajamas – although, arguably, gamers are prone to this.  Marriage can be dull and the comfort zone can be deadly.

Solution: Spice things up whenever possible.

There is a drastic difference between comfort zone and deadly comfort zone.  When you find yourself and your loved one heading into that abyss of stagnation, try and spice things up by trying something new.  This does not mean you need to head off to Turkey and get lap dances.  No, merely try something slightly spontaneous to enjoy the world outside your doors and have some experiences with your partner.

  1. Constant Arguing

As you begin your married life together, you may say that you will never argue – oh what delusional bliss.  As a marriage progresses, particularly when children are involved, couples often find that they spend more time arguing than enjoying each other’s company.  Instead of spending time cuddling in front of the television, couples bicker resulting in one party storming out.


Solution: Learn to communicate and cuddle.

Communication is more than one person talking and the other listening; it is a conversation between two people with equal input.  Remember, you need to listen to the other person’s opinion regardless of whether you think they’re talking rubbish.  Listen carefully and open your mind to the person’s opinion; this is what good communication is all about.  Who knows, at the end you may get some cuddle time on the sofa.