Friendships are tricky, because you usually have more than one. Each friendship is different in some way, because with certain people you can discuss certain things. But what is true friendship? How do you define the difference between a typical friend, and the person who will stand with you when everything is falling apart?

There’s Complete Acceptance

Within a true friendship there is complete and total acceptance. The moment you’re in your best friend’s company, you won’t be scared to be yourself. They will take you as you are without any judgment. And if they do have an opinion, they won’t give it until you ask for it.

How many of your friends can you associate with the acceptance mentioned above? This isn’t to say that you should start blowing off all your friends. It’s good to socialize, even with people you don’t always get. But if you want to distinguish between the people you can trust with anything, this is a good place to start looking.


Nobody can predict what life is going to throw our way, and even the strongest friendships can hit a challenging place. But it’s during these moments when you see what the friendship is really made of.

To get to the point, a true friendship will be based on selflessness. In other words, your happiness means more than the friendship, and vice versa. Being able to put the best interests of your friend above what you need is a sign that you are a true friend.

Total Honesty

Some people believe that true friends are the people who tell you what you want to hear. And while nobody is questioning their dedication, it’s most likely the worst thing that a friend can do.

A true friend will have the guts to tell you if you’re messing up, even if it means destroying the friendship. As a true friend, you owe it to each other to be totally honest, especially when the truth is needed.


Not Asking To Break Boundaries

With a true it’s expected that they’ll help you hide the body. You probably feel that way about your best friend.

In truth, a true friend will never expect you to break your principles, or go against them for that matter. If it’s a free choice, then it’s another story. But using the friendship to justify a favor is not the sign of a good friend.

True Friends Build You Up

Last but not least, a true friend wants to see you succeed in life. He or she wants to see you happy in all aspects, which is why they will push you to be your best. Instead of helping you fall into a ditch, they will try to get you out.

And when the world is on your shoulders, and you can’t make any sense of anything, they’ll be there to listen. A true friend will empathize, sympathize and react in ways that will build you up.

These are the things you want in a true friend.