For most woman becoming a mother causes something rather magical to happen inside. When that tiny precious bundle has been placed in our arms, a true labour of love, a feeling of overwhelming adoration, unconditional love and absolute devotion overtakes us, in fact even these expressions hardly describe how strong such emotions can be.

However, often they are mixed with another feeling; inadequacy. Indeed, most women who have children have the desire to be the best mother they possibly can be, but they may wonder how they can fulfill such potential. Of course, we cannot consider all factors involved in being a good mother here, but allow us to tell you about a few of the qualities that really matter.

Jurij Krupiak//

Balanced Self-Sacrifice

Being a mother, to a large extent, means living for someone else. Your child is your precious responsibility and every step you make can have an impact on their life. That means continuing to put the interests and needs of your child above your own can contribute to being a good mother.

This may seem easy to do in the initial months or even years of your child’s life, when they are very much dependent on you, but don’t forget that this need continues as your child grows up, especially during those turbulent teenage years.

Such self-sacrifice needs to be balanced. Always giving can lead to a mother that feels tired and drained. We all know that when we are overtired we can be irritable, lose our temper easily and lack the patience needed to be a parent. Hence the balance is vital.

Take An Interest In What Interests Your Child

Not only do you want to be a mother to your child, you also want to be a friend. As your child grows their interests will vary, some of which may not have any attraction to you as an individual. By taking an interest in the things that your child loves you will teach by example the benefit of being unselfish, as well as forge a deeper relationship with your precious one.


Be Consistent When It Comes To Discipline

Remember, discipline will not make your child hate you, in fact quite the opposite can be said. Discipline, when carried out correctly, is an expression of your love as a parent. Children who have clear and reasonable boundaries tend to be happier and more balanced.

When it comes to discipline don’t keep changing the goal posts, this will only confuse your child. Rather, decide on realistic and easily understood rules and expectations and make sure your child knows them well and feel comfortable asking you about them if need be.

Certainly being a good mother can come naturally to a large extent, but even the best mother in the world still appreciates a helping hand once in a while. While there are many qualities that can help us to be great mothers, learning the art of balanced self-sacrifice, taking an interest in the things that interest our child and being consistent with discipline are certainly qualities that can make a significant difference.